The Unforeseen Problem with Elements

The advent of Elements brought about a lot of questions and uncertainly for authors. Primarily, two main issues arose when Elements launched: 1) would selling your items on Elements be worth it, and 2) would Elements destroy Market sales?

As an author, I’ve been beyond satisfied (and even surprised) by the sales of items on Elements. Whats more, is that my personal marketplace sales haven’t been noticeably affected by Elements – so far.

I totally understand those who argue against the subscription model and how it could negatively affect the stock industry. However, in regards to Elements, I’ve always had the viewpoint that more customers is always better – even if that means offering expensive projects in a subscription environment. To me, more customers meant more exposure, and more exposure is never a bad thing.

That additional exposure and customers from Elements has had an unforeseen side affect: A LOT more support questions. While I don’t have exact data to provide, I would estimate that the amount of questions that I receive from customers about using MotionRevolver projects has nearly tripled.

Post-sales support questions has never really been a drain on my time in the past. I pride myself on the quality and robustness of my support documentation, and pretty much any question someone could have can usually be answered by watching my video tutorials. But with the popularity of Elements increasing, the amount of time spent answering questions has actually started to affect my daily schedule.

So, this spike in support questions has lead me to make a tough decision as an author: while Elements customers will still have access to the robust documentation I provide for all MotionRevolver templates, I’ll only be providing direct, one-on-one support to customers who acquire a template through Market (i.e. pay full price for it).

I don’t necessarily have a problem selling my premium templates for less money in a subscription environment such as Elements. But I also feel it’s unfair to sell that Premium template for so little, AND spend valuable time each day answering questions to customers who acquired it for such a minimal price.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect I’ve held since launching MotionRevolver, so this decision wasn’t necessarily an easy one to make. But time is the most valuable commodity we have as authors, and I’m unable to justify spending so much time helping customers who acquired a project for such little cost through a subscription.

It might be a complicated implementation, but perhaps this could be an opportunity for Envato to consider a “Premium Support” add-on for Elements customers who might want to purchase direct support from vetted authors.

With all of this said, I was curious if any other authors have experienced a noticeable uptick in support questions once your items were active on Elements? If so, has this changed your perspective toward the service you offer Elements customers?

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Oh, man… Did you know?

Personally I have never provided support for Elements subscribers. Because support is not included in the price. And by the way there is no any tools to check if person got the item from Elements or from pirate site.

Thanks for the response, but I think you might’ve missed the overall sentiment.

I realize support isn’t “required“, but when a customer contacts you with an easily answered question, do you simply ignore it because you are not required to provide help? I’ve always felt that helping someone out, regardless of the Terms if Service, might lead them to purchase or download from you again in the future. I find myself more inclined to help someone out rather than ignore them, but the time commitment has recently become too much.

Before Elements, I rarely used to get questions from people who acquired templates through pirate websites in the past, and they’re usually pretty easy to spot when they do reach out.

Either way, I think we both reached the same conclusion, it just took me a little while longer to come to mine :joy:

I don’t ignore people. I just send them standard email, which politely explains, that they got the item for such cheap price because some services is not included.
Even if it’s an easily answered question. Strictly following rules is not rude. Especially if you have a lot of customers. And If you provide to them support, and they will download your item again… you will got not money, but a headache with another request for support.


Thanks for that feedback. I think it’s a important discussion to have and you’ve written it in a reasonable way :smile: I’ll pass it on to our Elements team.


The problem that I am witnessing from so many threads and comments is that intertwining the 2 businesses is causing rampant confusion for all customers. They may be browsing on Market and then they see a banner ad that baits them with UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for $16.50 a MONTH.

The reality is that customers assume that by joining the subscription they will get access to everything on the market and there is only 2% of the music and sound effects files being offered on Elements as compared to market. This is why I can not help but to notice daily requests for elements refunds.

Grow the business organically using youtube and other social media advertising outlets. The communication of the banner ad is not clear. Customers see prices of $9 to $100 for standard licenses on market, then they see UNLIMTED MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS FOR $16.50 a month…Clearly they are being lead to believe that they will get access to the entire AJ market for only $16.50 and the reality is they are getting access to only 2% of the items on the market.

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@KingDog Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to brainstorm if the Elements team is looking to make improvements. Just hit me up on Slack if needed.

The support issue mostly derives from the fact that Elements pulls the files from Market, so the authors who’ve structured their projects in a way that allows customers to easily contact us when help is needed, are getting bombarded with questions from Elements customers (at least that’s been my experience the past several months).

If a second “Elements Version” of files could be made available for Elements customers only, without a direct line of communication for authors who’d like to limit it, that might be one simple solution.

@SteelSound I certainly appreciate your opinion, but as you know, there are already plenty of other threads debating the financials and marketing strategies of Elements. Just trying to keep this somewhat on-topic :wink:

The topic is “The Unforseen Problems with Elements”…With all due respect I am 100% on topic. It is interesting to hear the problems from all markets. If you want this to be videohive centric then change the topic title to “The Unforseen Problems with Elements for only Videohive Authors”.

The thread was posted to the VH category, and the title is singular, as in “The Unforseen Problem with Elements”, which I then go on to explain. Had my unforeseen issue been about the advertising/marketing of Elements, I’d have mentioned it.

It’s all good, I’m just saying that there are plenty of other places to spout off about opinions of Elements than to hijack another :joy:

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If issue is really simple - I can provide simple answer. But for full customer support - I suggest to buy license from VH to get one.

Mb there should be additional subscription plan “Support+” or smth like this :slight_smile:

But in this case we are moving farther and farther from markets. TF will suffer much from this.

So I believe it is still all about documentation and video tuts. Mb there should be more exposure to educational tutorials for basic customers.

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They’re downloading your videos to $ 2 and publishing them on 3rd party sites.

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We’re in agreement that we don’t want confusion around Market and Elements. But I wouldn’t be overly concerned. We have really capable Marketing and Service teams that are always working at improving and clarifying things.

Sorry to get on a different track. We can get back to the topic of support on Elements now :grin:


Well now you’ve reported these 3rd party sites to support, hopefully Envato or the relevant authors can get the items removed asap. Where did you get this $2 figure from though… did you just make it up?

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Simple link/button on the element item page to revert the customer to main market if he/she required support will solve this issue.

example. Normally, a person who buys the project and then publish it on 3rd party sites. I complained about it the other day and did the necessary complaints.

These people buy normal projects at a price of $ 22 and publish them on their site.

If the Elements Deficit is

it will make them more and easier to do.

This is my thought.

I reported the names of the sites to the envato.

site links as a message I can send to you.

for your project control.

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That’s all fight with windmills

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You shut down one item and in few weeks that item will appear again via new link.
I have my items been on those sites for years and still everything works fine for me regarding sales.


In these bad times, half of my traffic comes from these sites.

I’m thinking of writing plug in and switching to the api system.

Another solution?

very pity really.