I am disappointed with the sale of my After Effect Template big pack

Hello everyone,

I have been working on it since 2019. I prepared a large slideshow package with 1500 designs of animated sequences. It was approved yesterday and hasn’t even sold once yet. I was expecting about 20 sales on the first day. I am really sorry. Do you think my expectations are too high or have sales in the market decreased recently? Could Elements be causing permanent damage to the market? So yes, I’m happy with the elements income, but I don’t want to put the eggs in the same basket. I want my market income to be stable. What is your situation?

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Where did you get that statistic? I guess your expectations are really too high. It is almost impossible


This is not based on statistics, we can say that it is an emotional expectation. The higher the effort, the higher the expectation. But I’ve seen big products break out well in market before. I trust my product, I expected it to make a good exit.

By the way, Do you think the market has as good sales as before?

At the moment the best sellers of the week on VH have an average of less than 10 sales per day.
It’s really rare to see 20 sales a day, even in the old good days!
So yeah, I would lower a bit the expectations, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a big hit!
2 sales already in less than a day, it’s a good start and it looks promising!

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Thank you for your evaluations @Rickyloca . I worked on this project for about 4200 hours. That’s why I have very high expectations and I’m excited. sometimes I say: I should have upload this product 5 years ago. That would be a really big hit then. It still looks like it’s going to be off to a good start.

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This pack is huge and amazing, but it s a big risk too because market is much different than 2019. If sales dont go well break it into smaller child templates. It s allowed. This method will bring much more income on Elements.


It’s already trending so you’re definitely onto a good start! It also looks absolutely amazing too, well done! :wink: I think it might take up to a year or more for it to “become” one of the best sellers, if it’s meant to happen :smiley: I personally would never create such projects - too much risk honestly and reward is like a lottery. Nowhwere near a stable income. But smaller projects put out regularly - that’s much more likely to get you a stable income. I already failed gloriously with my “big and fancy” NFT projects, so yeah… :joy:


@videologio Absolutely I agree. If I had uploaded it in 2019, it would be among the legends. By the way, your portfolio looks very cool.

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@Atamotion It was an exciting start. I hope it continues unabated. By the way, I looked at your nft project. It definitely deserves more sales. maybe you should consider making them all in a bundle. Good luck.

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