The theme I bought doesn't work.

Hi, the theme I bought doesn’t work. the name of the theme is Verko from Dahz user account. xml content fails when importing. the theme cannot be set. The files to be imported servers are not running. I can’t reach the Dahz user at all. I got the theme in 2016. I never use it. I’m going to set it up for the first time. The theme is still for sale at you. Please help me immediately.

As the theme support already expired, I don’t think the author would be providing any support as well as installation is not covered by the free support anyway.

The problem while importing the XML may be related to your hosting configuration. You should contact them for the support.

In case of paid support, you can purchase this service at Studio

my hosting settings are normal. xml files are trying to pull from Dahz servers. but the servers are unreachable. thanks

I don’t want any Support. I want the theme seller’s servers to work. is not working. must work
But I got the theme from you. dahz user sells

I’m not sure if this will help you @aydinkoc75