The State of Banana Republic

I have no hope of expecting common sense from the “System”. So this is for “Educational Purpose” only.
I deleted a lot of stuff I wrote out of sheer anger for what things have become.

In Jan we released the first phase of our product: The PSD June. A massive one, we put lots of efforts in the design. Was approved, no questions asked.

Starting a bit late, we eventually moved on to WP development. Meanwhile we spent $, efforts & hours on the prelaunch, SM buzz, newsletters, marketing etc.

We submit the WP, it gets objected to for the reason: Name is not unique. The same product which is already approved. This is the new rule that cam out AFTER our PSD was approved. Although Envato told me, new rule doesn’t applies to historic items, they say the WP version is a new item for them.

(Mind you, our item is still the only one with this name on TF because I made sure of exclusivity of name before even starting on the PSD, not sure how is it not unique when it’s the only one with this name)

Someone please tell me is this not how you guys follow the development process?: PSD(or design) > Frontend > WP

How is the WordPress theme of an approved PSD different? Don’t we all collaborate like this? Doesn’t common sense tells you it’s the same product just processed in stages?

All we spent on newsletters, (Example- Behance Presentation already got lotsa traction) etc is down the drain because we targeted the name “June” everywhere.

Be careful guys, you never know when a new rule can descend from heavens, set subjective guidelines, defy all common sense and selectively target your item.


Changing the name to “This is June” could work, I suppose

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Thanks for the suggestion ki-themes. Though I’m glad we didn’t have to get down to makeshifting.

We were able to resolve this with envato with a favorable outcome for both of us.
Thanks to Will Bishop & the Quality team at Envato.
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