Theme soft rejected because of unique name issue. Is there any standard defination of unique names?

We work for a company where we make premium themes but right now I’m writing here on my own accord. Recently our company submitted an a WordPress theme named as “EduEdge” which was soft rejected because of following issue:

"We’re now requiring unique, non-generic names with at least 3 characters for all new submissions. In addition to this author’s shouldn’t use names that are already on the Marketplace. Search and make sure that chosen name does not exist:

Combination of keywords, Target-audience, categories, abbreviation and subjective word(s) are not allowed as item name. Author can always use the title description to further describe the item and list the keywords as tags.

However. unique, single or combination of common words are fine ( no keywords ). Commonly used non-English words are fine too.

EduEdge - Education WordPress Theme

Edu = Education."

We understand the reviewer want us to change the name and our company will do it anyway so that’s not a problem, but the thing is why “EduEdge” name becomes a problem suddenly? Reviewer says Edu = Education, is this definition comes from any standard dictionary or is it reviewer’s own made definition? Let’s just say that if a word doesn’t have it’s own meaning but is a part of another word that can’t be accepted too and that’s why EduEdge was rejected, in that case why following themes was approved in this month:

  1. Univero( / while Uni= university
  2. Finanzen( / while Finan= Finance
  3. SolosShopy( / while Shopy= Shop
  4. Dreamy Lite( / while Dreamy= Dream
  5. Travelmatic( / while Travel= Travel
  6. Kinglaw( / while Law= Law

Does that mean that there’s no unity among Envato Reviewers Team or we are just the sufferer? Any suggestion/explanation from Envato will be appreciated.

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Yes, there is no unity and some things have no understanding at all.
Just change it and move on :slight_smile:

It costs development time for a simple renaming in WP product because it has to be renamed from everywhere eg. files,db, docs, screenshots etc. Personally i’m fed up with Envato, I’m not sure about Envato’s policies anymore because it really varies from reviewer to reviewer and that’s what really costs us $$$


Yes you are right, approved html design hard rejected on WP and with 8 soft rejections… Themeforest need BIGBIGBIG update, we can’t going with these uncertaints.

It has happened also to me. And require to change these:

  1. Demo site title
  2. Preview image
  3. Thumb
  4. Envato page description and title
  5. Theme prefix
  6. Theme name
  7. Upload for every soft the new preview and thumb and description and title

It’s understandable this requirement but it’s not correct to not communicate this to the authors and than force everyone to lost hours of time for this, at least should be showed a notice with a deadline.

Anyway all the 6 names you mentioned are unique.