The speed of my website is very slow. How to improve it?

My website’s speed is very slow. After test it with Gtmetrix,the result is bad. How to improve it? Is there any plugin to solve this issue? This Website is built with Wordpress,The7 theme. Can anyone help?

This is the domain address:

For doing this WordPress Speed Optimization job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress Speed Optimization experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable. Thanks

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After seeing your screen shot, it looks like you’re page is 5.80 mb and after checking your website i can see that the images are not compressed and your host also not up to the level. So what i suggest is to change to any good hosting provider and use wp rocket cache plugin to compress all your js and css files.
Then again run the speed test and see the result.

You Need To Optimize Your Images also you Need To Restructure Your Site or Detele the unused Codes.

the main thing is that you optimize the images