Wordpress Page Speed Optimization

Hello,My website takes to much time to load & I feel the load time is decreasing my traffic as well as conversions.So I checked my score on Google PageSpeed Insights.Got to know the score is low.Please give me suggestions to improve my Score.

Hi! Please search this forum, it has been discussed couple of times before.


You can hire me and I will fix your site.


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Optimize the images and minify css and js on your website. Enable gzip compression and browser cashing. Your website will load much faster.

Thank You all for your Reply.I got the solution in detail from one of the Company i.e https://pagespeedoptimizer.com/. They have provided me detail report How to Optimize Website to make Green Google Score.

Wordpress is bloated, don’t expect much from it. And that’s that. You can try to use plugins to fix some of the insight problems.


LE: also the majority of themes aren’t even optimized for these kind of stuffs.