Speed Of The Website

Do Themes Slow Down The Website?
And How To Increase The Speed?

In not really an answerable question - any CMS is going to be slower than basic HTML but it will depend entirely on the theme you are using, the hosting, the assets you are using etc.

You can speed things up by:

  • buying decent dedicated hosting

  • making sure all images/videos etc are suitable sizes

  • compress or minify code where possible

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Their are many reasons for your website is slow.


  1. Can you please share your website URL ?
  2. Can you please share the theme URL you have used in your website ?


  1. If you have not configured the Theme correctly.
  2. It can be the issue from Server end also.

We need to Analyze the issue.


Url www.unboxthegift.com


Thanks for your reply.

I have seen your website loading time.

In this we can use W3 Total Cache. You will get good by this.

Did you used other plugin like same in your website ?



Yes , i am using cache plugin.
I have recheck with a website developer, the only possibilites i understand is theme.

We can check the website speed by Online Tool Gtmetrix which show the website performs on desktop and on mobile. By using this tool, we will optimize the website and apply all necessary mechanisms which are required. We also need to setting up some mechanisms on server with the help of server provider .

We will do following steps:

  1. Optimize the existing images of website
  2. Remove the unwanted JavaScript and CSS file so website will take less time to render unwanted JavaScript and CSS
  3. Use an effective caching plugin (we try to find out free plugin but if we needed paid plugin client will provide us )
  4. Optimize inline css and JavaScript coding
  5. Need to do some work on server with help of server provider
  6. We will apply other cache plugins Currently providing website url http://www.unboxthegift.com/ is not working, show 502 error.

We need following details:

  1. Working website url
  2. Theme name which is currently used for your website
  3. Login detail of FTP and website admin



I have seen your post on Upwork you have used my post screenshot to explain the issue and to get the solution.

Hope you got the solution.

Actually your website is not working. Do you need my help.

Waiting for your reply.


While more sites are present, there is only one theme running for any given page load.

To add some perspective, getting 10,000 hits on a single blog would be about the same load as getting 1000 hits across 10 different blogs.

What really matters is how much is happening in a single page request. Some themes are a bit heavier than others, and would make an impact on any requests to blogs using that theme.

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If you have wordpress website then you will increase speed from wordpress cpanel