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Although you did upload about 50 items back in 2012, you’ve not uploaded even half that in any of the subsequent years, your upload numbers have decreased every year since 2012, and you’ve only uploaded 8 items in the past 12 month. From my perspective, your numbers look better than they should! I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with the market, it’s just the unavoidable increase in content which is hard for individual authors to keep up with.

There’s far too many variables for this example to be completely accurate, but if you have 10 items in year X, there are 1000 items on the marketplace and you earn $1000 a month… it stands to reason that if you still have 10 items in year Y, and there are 2000 items on the marketplace… you’re going to make $500 a month. In theory, and with all things being equal… the only way to increase sales (other than improved quality which is a hard one to quantify) is to upload more items this year than you did last year, and more items next year than you did this year, and so on and so forth. If you’re not doing that, and your sales are still climbing or staying the same… then that’s pretty much just down to luck.


What…work more to earn more?? BURN THE HERETIC


Let’s go.

You know why Sep / Oct are doing quite well? Because I’ve started to upload new items regularly after 3 months of doing nothing (may-june-july were kinda frustration to me =)

Aaand in October I’ve started Elements and put there most of my top sellers and my sales didn’t drop (October is going to be better then September)

And here is some bigger data:
In 2017 I’ve uploaded ONE item in January and got around 30% overall drop, and in December 2017 i got 60-70% drop of average month in 2016. So this drop also affected 2018, but if progress of past months will continue next year + elements income - next year is going to be the best on Envato.


Looks like we need some place, where not a huge group of good authors can upload their items, and stand out from the crowd… wait a minute… sounds familiar… …but… but I thought Envato do everything only for them (irony) :grinning:


You forget my AudioJungle portfolio :slight_smile: my focus was to update old items on VH and work on AJ items.

Also Avada theme from the Themeforest is the best example that single piece of work can do the job.


Sorry… one example, that happens to be the best selling item on the entire marketplace… is not a supporting argument for stopping uploading! For your argument to work, you’d ideally need to have an item in your portfolio that demonstrates that a single piece of work can do the job… and if you had one of those then I’m guessing you wouldn’t be posting about dropping sales.




I never stop producing items, i just focus on updating old items, making them to work on multi platform and creating AJ items from time to time. But it’s very disturbing when you look around and see that you are in the same place where you were few years ago. No progress, even when you upload new items. Till this month where earning are drop under 1k, that’s why i think that we need to act fast and find a reason why this is happening.


something is not correct last 3 months of every year are the best months for me. It turned out disaster for me. I wonder how its gonna turn next year. One of the project is on the way I hope it will change


“Best month of the year” achievement unlocked! :trophy:


low sales (


Can anyone explain me why i see my item on the front page that was released 4th January 2018? But i don’t see my latest item in Premiere Pro caregory? This also can impact our sales.
Btw, sales are terrible.


Cause no one uploads to that category besides a few authors. And each author is only allowed one item on the front page.

This has been like this since I’ve been here.

Btw, sales are good.


man…zero sales all month, then BAM and a few sales in one day !


My sales went crazy. Best October ever. One of the best month.
And September report from Elements is on the way.


Today is the only day of the month with 0 sales but it’s the 2nd best month ever. I’ve got 30 minutes to sell the 3$ left I need to have the best month! :joy:


Best Month this year by now


-1 Worst october ever


2nd Best monthly sales in 2018, Kick start for winter sales, +1



I got to say pretty average for me. Because I just got half of earnings comparing to last year october. An extended sale that helped to get to average selling.