The Sales Monitor 2



32 sales last 7 days

I believe it’s more about content or buyers behavior then Envato issues


Also I see low Average Session Duration in your stats, that means customers loosing interest quite fast and leave page


For the first time in this year, an amazing day!
I hope this trend will continue.


well I know why because most of my traffic comes from youtube and pinterest. They already See the preview first and then they come here to check howmuch the price and how to purchase. After you saying checked again for last months it was only 53 seconds.

If your words are true then I have to do something .


lucky you. 0 sales for today


Ow, I see then


9 sales, so far it will cover few bad days


For me as well, best day of the year.

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Nice progress. Way to success :grin:


Shockingly steep decline in sales during May.


I also have the same, This is the worst month and worst sales week.

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In 9 years this is the worst month!!!


In April That Day What Happened This momentum rose. I wonder if they closed the Category pages that day.

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April 10th was the day they changed the category page. This spike looks like a pirate site has published your item or you were featured in an email campaign by envato. Look at your referrrals to see which one of those it is.

edit/ by the way what item is this? 100 pageviews on a bad day, wow, I don’t have this much views on any item…

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I don’t understand i usually have good traffic than other months. But the sales are not happening. I have tried one of my new item which is deleted from videohive uploaded to other marketplace due to 0 sales for 1 month. ( i have tried it with first time) got 5 sales in 20 days. I know there is no better site like envato when it comes to videohive. But it is depressing to see how my income is coming down.


I have only 14 sales so far, horrible.


I’m having really bad sales this month and the previous month as well. Things are getting worse to me :disappointed_relieved:


looks like they are working on something that works. FIngers crossed


I still have the same vertical style menu with the same Best Sellers sorting. When did you see that change? They are maybe testing