The problem with the latest Avada update

I updated my Avada theme to its latest version last Wednesday night. I saw a performance tab, tinkered on the settings hoping to make my site faster than the previous score of 90+ from google speed test.

After refreshing my website, I was shocked to see my website 50% not styled (looked garbage). The changes were some of the color and text styles, protfolio page that looks garbage, to missing pictures on my blog

I assumed that this is one of those days that you can say “■■■■ happens.” I tried making the changes again thinking that I was the one who did this, I can surely know how to do it again,

But I was shocked that the changes I made (and saved) a while ago, went back after 10 minutes. That’s when I said to myself that I got facked by the new Avada update. The CSS is going back to it’s old style after changing it minutes ago.

I have no choice but to borrow money to get another round of 6months of support from Themefusion as my website is my portfolio site that I uses for job hunting. And I know that my problem is beyond my comprehension. After one day of back and forth email with the representative, I managed to complete the 90% of the styling I want.

The 10% is not yet fixed. As simple as changing the color of the text above the header and changing the color of the button, they can’t solve it because the color is going back to its old color (looks like a dynamic CSS problem)

What’s most frustrating about it is that from 90+ score on Google Speed Test, my website is now 70.
The culprit that they are telling me are my web server and the installed plugins. I told them that before updating to the latest Avada update, I was using the same plugins and same web server with no problem and a score of 90+.

Now I don’t know how to get to that same speed again.

[version 5.8.1]
Trying to upgrade to the current version 5.8.1 The version is being updated
The pages not look good on the site. So I had to return to the previous version I had 5.7.2.
What to do right now?