Avada Theme Too Slow

Hi all i have problem our site too slow loading due to AVADA theme any body can help me ? thanks

Hi contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion_Support @ThemeFusion hope they will helepd!

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hi allready i tried GTmetrix but loading time so long and GTmetrix havent get any result also we submit a ticket to day waiting response from @ThemeFusion_Support

Hi all ,

i just get @ThemeFusion_Support AVADA theme everything was normal until get it
problem is exactly from theme opening time is so slow also i tried to check with GT speed test an other test site as well ( no result for speed ) @ThemeFusion_Support i get a ticket for this situation but they answer just send me theme performance web site address and please try this way !!! what is this ?
we paid money for this slow theme thank you AVADA @ThemeFusion_Support
if anybody think get this theme try cheapest theme also free theme much better then AVADA

As this is the biggest selling theme of all time, of there was a genuine issue with the theme then it would be widely known.

It sounds more likely to be to do with the hosting or setup which is beyond the authors control.

  • What issues did GTmetrix flag?

  • How/where are you hosting this? Is is on a dedicated environment or budget shared host?

  • Have you installed demo data? Your own content? Just the theme?

  • Have you added / using other plugins etc. beyond the stained theme inclusions?