Concern about Avada speed

Recently thanks to a professional graphic designer I published a new blog.
They recommended me Avada. Even if I had a previous successfully experience with Newspaper by tagdiv I trusted in them.
I bought Avada but I realize Avada has its own large limits.
I.e. Every time you update the theme I need to update the poedit file of my language.

And I’m concerned because gtmetrix give a C/C feedback with 7.9 s to load.

In this blog I’ve also a landing page at the moment made with the Avada builder.

So, I’d like to ask you, which could be the best recommended strategy to approach my problem with eventually a minimum investment.

Best strategy would be to see what’s causing the delay, is it too many images loading on the home pages.

  • Use a good caching plugin.
  • Use a plugin like AutoOptimize to combine all the individual javascript files.
  • If you have large images, optimize them.
  • If possible use a CDN to load the files.

Basically anything that can reduce the loading time.

First question is what hosting are you using?

Is the other theme you used faster and if so was it on the same hosting?

Are all your images and assets optimised?

Did you just import the full Theme demo and edit from there or have you built it all up only using the features, functionality etc that you actually need?

There are potentially many reasons the site may appear slow - would be useful to see a link?

Avada is an epic theme - it is big with a lot going on and I’m not sure that regardless of what a great theme it is, that for a small and simple blog that it is necessarily the right choice.

That said the authors have put a lot of effort into a very intuitive setup to balance huge features while still maintaining speed and I would not think that it’s down to the theme itself that your site is slow.

What did the speed test throw up as a cause for slowness? Have you tried reaching out to the authors support?

Thank you! A lot of questions. The slower blog is

The two blogs are on different hosts.
This one slower is hosted by A2. I have the CDN by Cloudlflare.
A2 offer a plugin A2 optimization with W3 total cache and I activate all the optimization.
I optimized the images with EWWW Image optyimizer.
The two blog has a great difference in the homepage. The older one typical one page blog. The second a slider made with fusion slider

To be honest it performs quite well for us - there seems like thre may be room for improvement but it’s a long way short of a 7-8sec load time

Maybe askt the author