Avada Theme Not Responding


I am having some major issues now with my Avada theme.

For starters, I cannot change anything. I click on the “pen icon” to update the wording and nothing happens. I even click on CUSTOMIZE theme options and nothing shows up at all. The page is blank.

EVERY change I make and upload is not saved and is reverting back to the original.

Secondly, the text has gotten much smaller and I cannot seem to change this.

Finally, I cannot upload or change anything on my home page. I click UPDATE and it reverts back to the original.

I do not know if this helps but I see a message on the bottom that says "Javascript Void.)

Kindly advise ASAP. Thank you!!!

Hello there,

This is a general forum but not support for sure. You should contact the author for the theme issue or create a ticket on their system if you need some free help.

For paid support, I could be interested as well as the others might be.