Problem with updating avada theme 5.0

Hi there,

Can you help me I upgraded to avada 5.0

and I have now code all over my webpages, is this to do with the plugs in fusion core and revolution slider?

I tried to generate a token so I can update my plug ins but its saying its Invalid token, or corresponding Envato account does not have Avada

I don’t understand as I purchased my theme what does purchase id mean as I can’t find it?

kind regards


You should contact the author of the theme via their support.

They have exceptionally good support however you have no buyer badge on this account and will need to sign in using the acocunt which purchased the file so that you can asses the necessary info to register for support.

Hi charley

Thanks for your reply I’m afraid my support has run out do you think that’s why my theme is not registered and why my tokens doesn’t work. I am on rhe right envato account it doesn’t make sense i purchases my theme it should still be registered.

Kind regarding