The "Next Payout" section has disappeared?

The “Next Payout” section has disappeared?

Can we get June payment on July 15th?


I’m guessing you’ve been moved to the first test group for the new payment system for envato market (as was I). There should be an email in your inbox. If so you should be able to view your payout method from this link: Sign In | Envato Account

I on the other hand will be waiting for support to get back to me, on why they disabled my country (Egypt) from receiving paypal payments through the new system. And the level of freaking out I should be having at this moment.

According to that email, it will start on August 15th.

I’m just wondering how June’s payment will be made.

I’m just wondering about the June payment. Will it be done with Payoneer or with Envato’s new payment system?

Is there any information here?

It means you will receive July 15th payment through the old method you had picked up on market. But the payment on August 15th will be through the new payment system.

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Thank you!

Hope this information is correct.

Me too!
Hi @BenLeong According to that email, the new payment system will start on August 15th, How June’s payment will be made.
Thank you!

I also got an email. I would like to still receive payments through the PayPal account I set up.

same here… :confused:
I contacted envato support three days ago … no response…

@gavias @YuElaine @LLmotiongraphics @beeteam368 I can see all of your account names listed in the August batch, for the new payment system. That means that you will receive the current month’s payment (Envato Market June 2023 earnings, paid in July) through the older system.

From August 15 onwards, you will be paid via the new payment system.

@Abdelrahman_El-masry I’ve asked our Author Payments team for more information on PayPal payments to accounts in Egypt, and they’re following up on this at the moment.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: