what about sepetember 15th payment (August payment)

I received an email from envato as I need to set to new payment method as I will be paid in that from October. I have done it already. And in my market place dashboard’s payout tab I don’t see any clue about the payment on September 15th (The August payment) won’t I get it as usual ? Any one else experiencing the same when shifting to new payment method

This seems to be normal. It’s been happening for numerous authors after they were moved to the new payout system, myself included, but their payouts were still sent as scheduled.

Hello thanks for the reply… That means I will be getting my payment as usual on september 15th ?

Well, I can’t guarantee that since I can’t see your account. But what you describe does not indicate a problem, see here: The "Next Payout" section has disappeared?

If you received the regular “Your Market Earnings have been calculated” email at the beginning of this month, then your payout will still be sent as scheduled, unless there’s an issue with the details you supplied on the new system.

Feel free to contact Author Support if you want them to verify things from their end.

I received that email… that means will it be sent in old method right ?

Receipt of the “earnings have been calculated” email does not indicate which system your payout will be sent through. It merely confirms that you will receive a payout, one way or another, that’s all I was saying.

However, your exact question seems to have just been answered here: New payout system - #4 by Trsn-Productions