The Moan Zone

Life in the Jungle getting you down?

Are your sales “Absolutely Dead”? :wink:

Then this is the thread for you!

Come on, ladies and gents, let it all hang out!


Useless subject… here are shifted “hard rejected”, “no sales”, “no views”… the result will “swamp” where the meaning is teryatsya instantly.

Yeah, well, better here than in the Sales Monitor.

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Envito doesn’t care about all my envies. :disappointed:


Maybe they do and they just don’t know how to show it :smile:

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If you do create a topic, you do not need in the first post to publish comments which are “ridicule”, “humiliate”, etc.

It’s called humor. You should look into it.

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This is called " humiliation of human dignity"

Come on man, don’t make it such a big deal… :smiley:

A patient comes to a psychologist and says:

  • Doctor I’m afraid to go to places where a lot of people
  • Hahaha! well, you idiot ! come on, tell me about your stupid phobias.

Here is such a this theme.


Why do you humiliate your patients?

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A guy goes to the doctor.

He says “Doctor, I have a problem. I’m incontinent. I urinate uncontrollably. What should I do?”

Doctor says “Get off my rug.”



Absolutely dead.

Am I doing this right?

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I hereby nominate @EvgenM to be president of the Moan Zone!

You know what, we could just use this thread to talk about sales because the Sales Monitor thread always gets derailed with arguments and irrelevant off-topic discussions anyway.

them sound like fightin words to me.

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Sales? None in the last hour. :rage: :sweat_smile:

These are considered luxury problems in my book.

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Not in this thread, haha! :joy:

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