The Instagram Template was rejected.I need some advice Please

works are quite good, may be rejected in terms of user experience. For to be easy editable layers may need to be edited in PSd files


Thank You.

what are the file formats have to give


This Link

Thank You.

not so bad,

some suggestions;

  • give it different colors for folders (for the items that users need to change)
  • instead of adding a color palette to the objects, double-click to change color (ex: Line Frame)

check PSD :


Thank You So Much. You’re Saved My Life :heart_eyes::+1:

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you’re welcome :+1:

thank you
But one thing i want to know…how to make that type of object like you did that line frame in .psd…
next thing is icons also we can double click and change colors…how to make icons like that…
can you please help me…i am struggeling with this

there are many ways,

first you can draw simple shapes like this with “pencil tool”

or you can create multiple shapes with shape tools and you can combine these shapes by stacking them side by side (ctrl+e)

Finally, you can upload new shapes to Photoshop. ready shapes work with CSH extension. You can find quite a lot free on the internet

for .CSH installation:

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awesome i find it…thank you so much…:+1::blush::blush:
i am downloading icons from flaticons…can i make it as custom shapes without drawing with pen or pencil tools?..the reason is some complex shapes difficult to draw so,

Hello @QuickC i need your help please
i have uploaded this item but it was rejected …can you give me your advice …
Hope you ll consider this…Thank you

you need to share file, I can not download the file in this way

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Sorry for that mistake…i forgot to share …

PSD file:

Help File:

Font Link:

Thank you


I can not be sure why it was rejected, but suggestions I can give;

  • vector based layers is available in the file, these files need to be edited in the PSD. Ex: Status Bar…
    ensure that these layers can be edited in Photoshop. Users should be able to make all edits in their existing file

  • The screen needs an easily editable background (all items). Users may want to rearrange the background of each item differently

  • the screen dimensions of smart objects must be the same.

Check PSD file for other suggestions:

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ok…thank you so much @QuickC

Smart object same dimension means …?

Anyway again thank you @QuickC for your support