My Instagram Post Template is Rejected


My Instagram Post Template is Rejected, Why? Can please explain?
I used trending color , trending style, trending font still my template got rejected.
Is this Because of i am not uploading multiple files that’s why? like i do before

Below is my Description
This is Travel Instagram Post template is well organized and structured. PSD is very well organized Layer by name & group.
This template download contains 72 dpi RGB PSD File. All main elements are editable and customizable.

Features :

  1. Easy to Edit
  2. Organized layered
  3. Free Font Used
  4. Smart Object
  5. Size: 1080×1080px
  6. RGB, 72 DPI
  7. High Resolution
  8. Working File: PSD Format version CC 2019

Font link:



Using Free Images from this website Link :

Please note :

Images not included, you can use your own photo or download it at unsplash

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Thank you

Can you please help somebody where do i get wrong this time?


Reviewers are looking prime items, you can verify recent approvals:

Here some inspiration for your case:

Keep doing your best :+1:

hi i am sorry to say just this , but the typo looks pretty outdated if u ask me and here this is definitely a main focus, probably the most important things of all, so that much efforts will be expected from you as regard to this point in particular . Now, combinations are not really working and to be honest, in my opinion the global style of the design and the text part are not matching , they are dissonant tis far. The global organization is rather messy and u failed to put the most important information is the real impact zones, where they could receive the proper attention that they deserve indeed. “Book now” is a "call to action button, but pretty inefficient at this stage as the button does not catch the attention and does not push the user to get to do what the buyer would expect them to do , out of u failing to make the button and most importantly the text inside get punchy enough. Besides the positioning of the bullet in the bottom left area inspires me that u probably fo not know what “z-shape reading process” actually means , and which determines not only the impact zone but also depicts the way eye are sweeping across any document … Pls also invest some time on creating a professional logo and give it an appropriate space … at the moment, the space available is small. the logo is stuck in the upper left edge and cannot really breathe and “shine” there

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`Thanks for replying guys, In Every post of Instagram we need z- Shape Reading process required?

normally any single document, web or not … because this is the way your eyes is sweeping across any document and the way u read it that this is describing, which does not change from one to the other

can you suggest trending font that will approve in graphics river?

hi i can’t … because this also depends on your specific content , u have to test by yourself, there is no magic recipe when it comes to typo