The Gem Theme Slooooow.

I have just installed The Gem Wordpress theme. Made for high performance it says.

Google Page Speed Insights ranks it as 6/100.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lower score.

Any ideas on how to get it to a reasonable speed?

The demo seems fairly quick - what hosting are you using? If it is budget or entry level, shared hosting then this would definitely impact it.

Is this using demo content or your own?

Is there any optimization, minification etc. in place?

I’m hosting with WPMU which is lighting fast. I have other sites there registering really good speeds.

It’s fair to say that Pingdom did give it a good score, but it’s Google we care about isn’t it? Google uses page speed as part of the user experience algorithm.

What were the red flags page speed gave?


  1. Google PageSpeed ​​has changed the way points are calculated. So it is very difficult to get a high score right now.

  2. Google PageSpeed ​​does not reflect the actual speed of a website. You should check it out through the following websites:

  1. More importantly, you’ll need to optimize the page speed according to the guidelines for that theme, or other guidelines on Google.

It was too many http requests and render blocking CSS.

First meaningful paint 11.6 seconds.

Hi, please check this article:
Also, please contact our support and provide your URL, we will check and advise.