WordPress Pagespeed



Hi Guys,

I am looking for the fastest wordpress theme on the market…
Do you have an idea where should I start…?





try looking at minimalist and niche themes… with less plugins and less images…



Avoid anything with parallax images or those weird smooth scrolling plugins.

once the theme is installed, setup one of the popular caching plugins ( like w3 total cache ) to improve page loading speed.


Here you go : http://themeforest.net/search?utf8=✓&term=speed . Then search again for “speed” on the description and you’ll see the grades from page testing tools :smile:



Many factors to get fast page speed. Theme is one of them. And another important factor is hosting. When you testing theme with VPS hosting, and it got good pagespeed, but it will be different when you apply the theme in shared hosting.



That’s a lot of great advice above but most important is that while avoiding certain elements will unquestionably help - a lot comes down to what you use it for, do with it and how it is hosted etc


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Hey! Just a question. I’m new to WordPress and I wanted to ask you guys a quick question. What’s the worst thing you could do regarding design and the speed of your website? I’d like my site to be interactive with pictures and perhaps moving infographics…


As I could not find what I was looking for i coded a theme myself: http://www.hoshtokolosh.com
Thanks for your contribution.