Essentials WP theme - Page Load Speed Experience

Anyone had any experience with the Essentials WP theme and its load time in Pingdom or GMetrix or similar?

Just concerned with so much JS and other functions that it may be bloated and slow to load…


I don’t understand why anybody care about GMetric in 2021 when websites are complex with animations and modern designs, also we are watching 4K online and you are worried that a website will loa slow, these tools are a thing of the past if you ask me, they give a score based on what?

Do you know the speed of Essentials WP Theme? If so, let me know in your preferred website page speed loading metric.

Are you testing the demo link or a purpose configured installation of your own?

Hi Charlie, just wanted to know if the theme is well coded and loads quickly before I purchase.

It’s well rated with a very established author but ultimately except on the cases of particularly poor themes (which this clearly is not) then a huge % of the speed and optimisation will be driven by how a buyer sets things up, optimises assets, minifies or removes unnecessary code and especially by how and where it is hosted

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Has anyone used this theme and tested it for speed (on a reasonably reputable hosting server)?

This is what I am saying these matrics give scores based on what? It makes no sense… I doubt a theme from ThemeForest will not be fast considering that everything has to be perfect to be approved…

You haven’t seen the reviews of the page load speeds of Avada.

Avada loads very good on my computer, I don’t see any issue and 99.99999 of users will feel the same… there will be that one lost sheep with Gmatrix opened sayng “have you see the score for Avada”, who cares man :slight_smile:

Dear people who have purchased, installed and hosted Essentials WP Theme on a reasonable standard web host,

What is your experience and honest & reasonable opinion in using the theme? In particular, what is your opinion on the page load speeds on Pingdom, Page Speed Insights - but not Gmetrix.

For what it’s worth a great deal of the poor reviews on super themes like Avada are left by people:

  • with no clue about how to properly set a theme up
  • an understanding that the theme is only one part of what impacts speed
  • will not have made any real effort to remove all of the excess demo content they will have installed
  • will not have optimised scripts, images etc
  • probably host on a free or budget shared hosting

Unfortunately unless you are lucky enough to find someone in the forums who has done this properly then it will be impossible to get guaranteed clarity

Actually a very good point.