The documentation is a little lacking...

Hello community! I’ve submitted my first widget for Adobe Muse. However, it was rejected with the reason of lacking in documentation. Adobe Muse widgets are basically drag & drop and the documentation I made is very detailed with a video that does it step by step. I don’t know how else to improve my documentation. If anyone can point out my mistakes, what needs improvement, I’d be very grateful! I’ve used the template provided by Envato and you can check it out in my link for criticisms. Thanks in advance!

The documentation:

It’s a nonsense canned response which I have received a bunch of times. Simply re-submitting as is will often take care of the issue. Or, if you feel like it, move some stuff around (just for the sake of actually making some changes).

Thanks for the info chilly_orange!

@chilly_orange: How many times did you have to resubmit before they accepted your item?

@RaphaelCarloOlaguer: Have you managed to upload your item eventually?

I have the exact same problem and I’m wondering what to do. Your answers will be very helpful.

Yes. I have managed to upload the item. I really didn’t change much about the documentation. I just rewritten some sentences here and there, resubmit it and it was accepted the second time.

Was your documentation using the template from Envato or was it your own original creation?

It was my own. What’s weird was I originally used the Envato template. It was rejected for reasons that the documentation wasn’t clear enough and at the end of it, the reviewer is linking to Envato template documentation as reference when in-fact I did use it. When i resubmit, I just rewritten a few sentences, then submitted it with my own template and it passed.

Yay! They accepted my submission! Here it is:

What I changed in my documentation was:

  • I added a quick start guide condensing all the steps that I already had there, but in a shorter form
  • I added some screenshots from Android Studio, Facebook Audience Network dashboard and the app itself

I didn’t have to use the Envato template. I did everything in Google Docs and then downloaded the document as pdf.

I hope this will help other guys struggling with the same problem. Good luck to you all.