Why was my submission rejected?

Submitted a small JavaScript item to try out CodeCanyon, and it was rejected due to quality. This is pretty annoying and doesn’t make sense to me. The quality is fine. I have other more substantial items I would like to submit, but I’d rather not waste my time if they will just get rejected for some vague reason.

Without seeing what you submitted it is impossible to give feedback. You should share your demo link here

Did you submit all the relevant documentation etc. too?

Thanks for your response. I guess I expected someone with access to the submission to respond. But I’m certainly interested in any feedback. I submitted a non-hosted demo (zip file with and index.html in the root).

Upon trying to obtain a screenshot on a different machine, I think I may have spotted the issue :flushed:. However, the email I received says “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”. Can I still make a fix and resubmit it?

Also, I should mention that I put the documentation in the live preview. Is this acceptable?

Documentation can be PDF or HTML but needs to be stand alone from the preview or download

You need to include a working demo really. Envato won’t host it and you will struggle to sell it without this or at least a series of screenshots

Interesting, I must have missed this. Under which field should I upload this? I don’t recall there being a documentation upload section. Should I just put it in the “HTML Description” field? I don’t see anywhere that a PDF can be uploaded.

I did upload a live preview which was a working demo. There’s two sections: “Optional Live Preview” and “Demo URL”. I uploaded the “Optional Live Preview”, isn’t this what it used for the “Live Preview” button?

Also, thanks for all your help!