File Rejected. Nothing to say but curious

hi, i have create a script and submit it here. now my file is rejected. and the reason is "
"Consider using at least a minimal framework to structure the application better. Right now, it’s a mix of HTML, PHP and SQL."
i dont use sql,but they say i do. i dont want to work on any framework.i create from raw and it should be clean as i want. everyone in coding world, not same. so there working style will not be same. what if i work on a different way but output is same. is that not acceptable here to submit content? i feel very upset. because i write that script for a long time and i hope that it will be on envato. but i never imagine that envato is that much restricted… thanks

Can you post a link to screenshots (or a live demo URL) so that we can offer you some advice? :slight_smile:
The CodeCanyon reviewer uses a lot of canned replies, so it’s possible that yours was just another one of them. password= password

what is your advice after watching live demo?

I can’t inspect the code from the device i’m on but with respect the general front end execution is a million miles from envato standards irrelevant of the mix of codes that do/don’t exist

CodeCanyon doesn’t care about front end execution, because CodeCanyon is truly about the code.
However, @bdspice, your design is not very appealing and may lead to less sales.

Remember, you’re selling code, not an application. Most people may use it as an application, but in truth you’re really selling the code.

If code is disorganized, poorly structured, etc, then reviewer may suggest you use a minimal framework, as he did, to help organize your files/code better.

Organized code will be important to the people who buy your script for the code.

Not in the same way that TF does but in keeping with “premium files”, if it looks really bad then I am sure it would cause a file to be rejected.

what framework? i think my code is too much clean and organized to is some screenshot of my codes and structure.

Please help me.

Hi all,
I have created an Ionic 2 mobile app. It is built using the latest standards of the framework and using Angular2 best practices. Still, the item has been rejected, and all I got in an email as a reason is “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,”.
I would really like to know where is my code that bad that the quality suffers that much.
Some code samples:

That is same problem i am talking about.thats why this thread has been created. you are not only one

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Although I write a script that is so orderly and neat, it is very sad to reject it easily.

when they talk about quality standard they do not always mean about your code structure but most of the time they refer to the visual aspect of your product.

I agree, I sit like 3 days straight to make all perfect and than…