Please someone help me

i create a html template, then i submit it in Themeforest.
Reviewer was reject it.
I know reviewer why reject my template, for documentation.
Someone help me with documentation.

Are you sure it was only because of that?

There are several generic documentations you can use like but I owuld suggest sharing a link to your file so you can get advice in case it was something else too

What Charlie said above.

Also, please be specific in your title. ‘help me’ topics are blah.

I dont know much about the theme but for codecanyon plugins, my documentation looks like

While you upload your item, make sure to write some enough text within the item description, and add screenshots as well… etc… that would help with search engines a lot…
Write more documentation ( HTML or plain text ), and submit again!
My first mistake uploading my first CodeCanyon item was documentation-related, I thought I could leave item description until it’s approved…