Does CodeCanyon Templates Needs Any Documentation File?

Hello everyone,
I wanted to know, does CodeCanyon templates requires any documentation file to submit or include on the package? Because, on the item details of CodeCanyon template, there are no “well-documented” note mentioned like ThemeForest. So, do I have to include the documentation along with the submitted zip file or not? Please let me know.

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Hello @abuhanif4321

Yes, CodeCanyon items must come with a documentation.

Create your Help File Documentation

  • Every item in CodeCanyon requires a basic documentation file to help customers use your item. This should include
    • Concise instructions on installation, customization and use
    • General instructions or further information
    • Details and links to assets used that you need to credit
  • The documentation should be written in English and formatted as a .pdf or HTML document.
  • You may create a screencast or flash instructions in addition to, but not instead of, text instructions. Please find details on how to upload video previews for the CSS category here.
  • You can download this documentation template.

Note: Do not assume that the buyer of your item has any significant level of coding knowledge. When preparing your documentation, treat the buyer like a beginner. Incorporate clear explanations and visuals when necessary.

For more information regarding item preparation and technical requirements, please take a look at this article →