How to create an approved documentation on the codeCanyon

Hello everyone, I want tips how to create documentation for my application, and it is accepted on the site

A short while ago my application was rejected and I think the problem is documentation

I am a new seller, I want any advice so I can start selling in the right way. Thank you

If it’s the documentation, they will provide the additional info. Some of the items may not required a documentation. You should better check if the rejection is due to documentation first.

Create a help file:

This should include concise instructions on installation, customization and use, written in English and formatted as a .pdf or HTML document. Keep in mind that buyers may have little to no familiarity with design software, so incorporate clear explanations and visuals when necessary. You may create a screencast or flash instructions in addition to, but not instead of, text instructions. A documentation template can be found here.

Note: Do not assume that the buyer of your item has any significant level of coding knowledge. When preparing your documentation, treat the buyer like a beginner.