What's wrong with my documentation?

Hello everybody!

Today I’ve received a Soft Reject: Your documentation is either missing or insufficient. Please make sure you provide clear and concise documentation outlining installation, configuration and customization procedures for this item. For compatibility reasons, please provide documentation in either HTML or PDF format.

The documentation in HTML https://we.tl/t-ND4unLcGdf

Help me please to solve this problem, I really don’t understand what’s wrong with my documentation?


Please write down your documentation with full features as like the installation, file structure, features and how they can be used and customized, any third party as like google map, mailchimp,… if you used then how they can be configured. proper credit note for all required resources.


Sorry, but I didn’t catch your message

they said about your item documentation. you have update your item documentation information.try to update your item content in your item with your item basis like your item structure, according folder, code structure, header structure, css table of content, JavaScript link structure, section coding structure etc.

have you seen my documentation? Actually it’s Just Sketch Design without any coding :slight_smile:


Hi you have to make your documentation PDF file or HTML file these two type file are allowed as your item documentation.
sketch are not allowed.

Create a help file:

This should include concise instructions on installation, customization and use, written in English and formatted as a .pdf or HTML document. Keep in mind that buyers may have little to no familiarity with design software, so incorporate clear explanations and visuals when necessary. You may create a screencast or flash instructions in addition to, but not instead of, text instructions. A documentation template can be found here


my design is in Sketch, my documentation is in Html. I’ve attached my documentation in my first message

Then may be you have to update some important information in your item documentation.
May be expect that try to more improve your documentation quality.