Hard rejected - The documentation is a little lacking.

I submitted a product 5 days ago until today I received a hard reject email from Evanto’s quality team reviewer:

The documentation is a little lacking.

Most importantly, remember that buyers may not be technically inclined. They may just be looking for an item to drop into their existing code base. Also keep in mind that a typical user won’t really know about all the features your system brings to the table. With them in mind, you should also look into providing a quick start guide of some sort. It need not be long: a short one will do.

You can use a premade template or the Documenter tool for your documentation, both linked below:

Here is my product and tutorial, can you give me hints to make my product better and be sold on codecanyon. Thank you:
Demo: http://cibase.phambinh.net/admin.php/
Docs: http://cibase.phambinh.net/documentation/
Sorry my bad english