Item rejected for quality standard required.

hello sir ,
I was uploaded a template,
Today mailed me that template has been rejected for quality standard required, But i don’t know how to do it and how to maintain the quality please bless me if you tell me.
Otherwise tell me where I am wrong and I will fix them.

You need to share the demo link here if you want feedback

hello sir

What is it built using?

It’s hard to judge from just a video but it looks like it has some interesting features and, although a bit raw looking, has tidy UI.

Why CodeCanyon and not made into something more complete for Themeforest?

Presumably all the documentation etc was done correctly?

html5, css3, bootstrap5, jquery, javascript.

Definitely need to be made into more of complete and finished product and submitted to themeforest - without dynamic content/product management it wouldn’t suit CodeCanyon

no sir i am fully filled up

I can’t understand what can I do?

Sir Please tell me how I can maintain the quality

What you have appears to be a good combination of many elements and layouts it in no particular structure eg lists of the same thing in different volumes of products etc.

You need to look on themeforest at html e-commerce and apply what you have into a more designed/styled and compete product.

OK i understood,
But I want to know.
Just say it, there is something wrong with my code or how is my code quality.

No one can advise on that based on a video - there’s an assumed level of expertise with that