The commercial value of Music.

Hi all. Decided first time to make a “Future bass” for audiojungle. the style isn’t familiar to me… eventually got hard rejected. But not because of quality but because of the fact that the track is not “applicable” to commercial products. Listen how not to do structure the music for sales. Too long the Intro. in the “pit” away from the topic. That’s what I understood.


Few changes in a track seem to me… here a good way to understand that commercial - it is necessary to include various videos under the track… and then material obeys absolutely in a different way! Personally helps me :wink: :sunny:

I agree. But it does not always help. any music can be adjusted under video series. it all depends on perception.

Agree! I sometimes too don’t understand why don’t approve some of my works :smile:

I’m honestly pretty surprised that got rejected!

Me too. The track had in the pack different versions…