The author wants to, but cannot pass the ID Test.

I can’t pass the test. The reason is technical (photo). I don’t know how to fix it. It does not depend on me.

Why can’t I just provide 2 photos? :

  1. My passport.
  2. My portrait with a passport in hand.

Or suggest any other working scheme.

Why is Envato torturing me?
I am very, very depressed.
And my portfolio is blocked.


Sorry! to know you are facing problem with the ID verification process. Please try with a different browser. If you don’t have any open request for verification then you have to contact support and let them know they will create a new one for you and will provide helpful guideline.


I already did all this before asking the question here. And I contacted support. Here is what they answered me:


Thanks for going through our ID check process for your Envato account, SPLASHKABONA.

It looks like you’re having trouble completing the check.

We’ve sent you a new check. Before starting the check, please ensure that:

You are using a compatible browser
    Desktop/laptop computer: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
    iOS: Safari
    Android: Google Chrome or Samsung Internet
Your browser has access to your device camera

Please let us know if you still experience issues with your check, so that we can help you troubleshoot if necessary.



Envato Support"

I have been familiar with this information before. I have done all of this. It doesn’t help me. It’s a vicious circle.

Error 9820 = “File upload not enabled and camera unavailable”
It seems like your mobile browser may not have permission to access the camera?


Here are my settings. This does not work. I can’t authenticate for Envato. I went through identification for PayPal, Pond5, Skrill with a digital camera, it was perfect.

Chrome > settings > site settings > camera:

Perhaps somewhere else there are settings for accessing the camera?

The chrome settings wouldn’t likely be the issue, it defaults to asking for permission. Instead, check your Android settings (under the apps section) to make sure Chrome actually has permission to access the camera.

I managed to pass the ID Test. I thought that in order to take a selfie, I need to click on something. It was my mistake.

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