Author ID checks for GraphicRiver Authors during February and March

Hi all. Author ID checks for GraphicRiver Authors will be starting soon - this thread has all you need to know about the process.

What’s happening?

During February and March, GraphicRiver authors will be required to complete an Author ID check to verify the identity of the account owner. As there are so many authors selling on GraphicRiver, checks will be sent to authors in three different groups. Affected authors will receive an email this week letting them know which group they are in.

If you haven’t already completed an ID check and are an active Author with Graphic content as your primary asset type, you will receive an email notification with more information and a link to access your ID check when your check is available.

  • Checks will be made available to authors in Group A on Tuesday 1st February, for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Checks will be made available to authors in Group B on Tuesday 1st March, for a period of 4 weeks.

Please do not request a check before the start date for your group or ask to change groups.

Group C will consist of accounts which have not been active in the last 2 years. If you have Graphics as your primary content type, but there has been no activity on your account in the last 2 years, please contact the Envato Author ID team to request an ID check before Thursday, March 31st.

We previously announced the introduction of Author ID here when the process began for new Envato Author accounts, rolling out ID checks to all ThemeForest authors and CodeCanyon authors in late 2021, and VideoHive authors in January 2022. We’re now including current GraphicRiver authors in this process.

What’s an Author ID check?

An Author ID check confirms the identities of our authors, requiring photo ID documents and a photo (selfie) of the account owner. This provides a trusted environment for our customers and authors to conduct business, and maintain the success of our community.

We work with Jumio to conduct these ID checks - one of the world’s leading end-to-end ID verification solutions. Your privacy and security is our highest priority, and we use multiple safeguards (technical, procedural, and physical) to ensure the safety and integrity of your data

We believe that these checks help to protect both authors and customers. Customers can have more confidence when purchasing items, and authors can benefit from knowing that they’re working in a more trustworthy marketplace - this levels the playing field for all authors in the community.

:exclamation: For more information, please see our Help Centre article on Author ID Checks - we’ll be keeping this up to date with answers to all frequently-asked questions about the process.

My account is already verified - am I affected?

Many authors have already successfully completed an Author ID check. If you have already received confirmation from Envato that your account is verified, you won’t need to complete a new check.



hi ya @KingDog

Thanks for info!
I have some questions.

  • What is the legal age to complete the identity verification?

  • Please note that I am 17 years and 10 months old, I joined Envato two years ago and was invited to join Envato Elements about a year ago, and I am a good contributor there, but I recently started focusing on both GraphicRiver and Elements!

  • My account is currently in the name of one of the parents, and a check was sent to me about months ago to verify the identity of the author on Envato Elements, which I submitted from one of the parents.

  • I was thinking a few weeks ago of sending a support ticket in April of this year when I turned 18 to change the official name on the invoice and include all my official information!

But this seems to be the right time.
I hope the answer thanks

Hi, how can I take a live selfie? I have nothing on my PC to do this. And wha must this be a live selfie???

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It can be done also via smartphone - that is how I have done (my PC cam is low resolution).

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Looks like this thread was updated 3 months ago

I’ve been here for two years!
I will wait a reply from @KingDog
If necessary, I will open a ticket with the help team!
Thanks @CocoBasic

I have a few questions

  1. What if I’m having two accounts but I’m using only one… because I created the other account in the name of my wife and we no longer use it… and it’s attached to my email address

  2. The verification process starts on 1st and ends on 28th, and if it takes 14 days to inform the status, and if failed due to resolution or unsupported format issue, there will be no time for a second attempt… Please help me on this

Thank you

Hi @anchor_point_heshan,

As far I know:

  1. if your 2nd account don’t have any portfolio then no need to verify the author ID for that account (that account will not get a link to get verify).
  2. If you miss to verify your id within the mention time then you have to get in touch with author support and they will assist you. They will send you a new verification request link.


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Hello thanks for the reply

  1. I had a portfolio there, but no longer using it… don’t even remember the passwords, no withdrawals of money… I think no emails also

  2. if I miss the verification in the first attempt if the verification period goes off will my account be frozen till I get them contacted and get things done? How can it be fair? in most of the other sites they give feedback in minutes or hours so we can try few times…

as for my experience sometimes it fails due to low resolution, some times unsupported formats, sometimes another photo issue… an issue of the cam etc…

Please answer thank you

As far I know:

  1. if you don’t verify the ID then your portfolio will be disabled for that account.
  2. If you miss the verification and the verification link expired then you have to contact author support to give you another chance. If you miss again and the verification timeframe finish ( ends on 28th ) then your portfolio will be disabled until you will finish the verification.
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Just contact with Envato Support Team (create a ticket) - tell them about you personal information update - explain the situation (previous info was your parents - current info will be your since you are 18) → and they will help you with update, checking and what is more important with switching payout account (which have to be updated too - accordingly).

Envato Team is extremely helpful with such things - I know what I am talking about - I made some major updates not long time ago - I received HUGE help from patient Envato Team :slight_smile:

Do it without fear - good luck. ;]


Thank you @PeakStar for this clarification, I really appreciate your help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:
Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I will also transfer the payout account to my payout account…
Thank you again, I will contact the support team! :slight_smile:

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@KingDog I won’t give you my personal photo ID details - no way! you have no right to posses this.
I will just close my account… you are going wrong way envato… go without me… I will find alternative…

So… problem solved… oh boy. Ok. Time go back work. :wink:


They won’t possess your ID, and if you read the FAQ’s you’ll see they only use it to confirm that you’re not using false information for your account information or billing information. It’s long overdue, and it’s a must. After the ID’s are cross-referrenced and who you are matches your account information your data will be removed.

What happens to my personal information after the check?

All ID check data is erased a short time after you complete your check. We do not store your ID or selfie images. The only information we keep is whether or not your account is verified.

Take the time to read the FAQ section → Author ID Checks FAQ. Everything is properly covered there.


I am 17 years old and I don’t have any ID type. What should I do now on that step?

If you are under 18 then you cannot have your own account and will need to use a parent or guardians

Bear in mind that this may make them liable for any tax payments incurred

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Can I do this Author ID Check later when I am 18 years old?

Your account will be disabled unless these checks are done (ID and Tax) so unless you are turning 18 very soon, then probably not.

Also presumably you are currently using a parent/guardian account, bank account etc.?

No, I am not using a parent/guardian account, And if it becomes disabled, can I reactivate my account when I am 18 years old?