Author ID checks for ThemeForest Authors

Hi all. Author ID checks for ThemeForest Authors will be starting next week - this thread has all you need to know about the process.

What’s happening?

During August, ThemeForest authors will be required to complete an Author ID check to verify the identity of the account owner. ID checks will be made available on Monday, 2nd August, for a period of 4 weeks. You will receive an email notification with more information and a link to access your ID check.

We previously announced the introduction of Author ID here, when the process began for new Envato Author accounts. We’re now including current ThemeForest authors in this process.

What’s an Author ID check?

An Author ID check confirms the identities of our authors, requiring photo ID documents and a photo (selfie) of the account owner. This provides a trusted environment for our customers and authors to conduct business, and maintain the success of our community.

We work with Jumio to conduct these ID checks - one of the world’s leading end-to-end ID verification solutions. Your privacy and security is our highest priority, and we use multiple safeguards (technical, procedural, and physical) to ensure the safety and integrity of your data

We believe that these checks help to protect both authors and customers. Customers can have more confidence when purchasing items, and authors can benefit from knowing that they’re working in a more trustworthy marketplace - this levels the playing field for all authors in the community.

For more information, please see our Help Centre article on Author ID Checks.

My account is already verified - am I affected?

Many authors have already successfully completed an Author ID check. If you have received confirmation from Envato that your account is verified, you won’t need to complete a new check.


How did they do that?
Are those the ones who recently joined the marketplace?

(Thanks very much.)

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Some people have multiple accounts in Themeforest(as ThemeForest supports multiple accounts)
In that case, how do they verify?


one author can keep two account exclusive and non-exclusive they can verify their one id.
May be they can’t keep multiple exclusive account for more details team will reply to you or can get official answer envato author help center they would like to assist you.

Another question:

Here (Author ID Checks – Envato Author Help Center) I see phrases like “Look straight into your webcam.”

  1. I don’t have a webcam.
    Is a “webcam” a must to complete the ID CHECK process?
    I mean, can’t I just take a photo of my documents, and selfie with a camera/smartPhone and then upload it?

  2. The photo on my ID/passport looks different than my current facial features (my hair/beard thanks to the covid lockdowns) - would that be a problem?


yes @Bedros you can do it by your smartphone

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Thanks very much.

What about this?
That shouldn’t be a problem as well, no?

No worry try with smartphone take phone to your document and submit through phone hope they will approved if you face any issue then get in touch with author support team they will helped!

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Thanks again.
To complete the “verification process” on a PC, must I have a webcam, though?
As far as I can see, the “uploading” process needs to be done real time (is that correct?).

I mean, can’t I just take a photo of my passport, and then a photo of myself holding the same ID/Passport, and then upload them/send them to Envato?

(asking because my phone is really old)

For those whom it may concern, please elaborate.
I / WE shouldn’t be having to buy new hardware in those economically challenging times , to verify IDs.


Webcam or smartphone camera is important for your verification you have to manage it


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What if the only photo ID document i have is in non-latin characters (Arabic). Can I still use it to verify?

Heya @Exill, to quote the Author ID Checks Policy (link):

What Document Types Can be Used for Verification?

  • Your ID must be government-issued and must include your photo
  • ID types we do not accept are:
      • Temporary (paper) IDs
      • School IDs
      • Bank cards
      • Insurance cards
      • Employee IDs
      • IDs with non-Latin characters

Acceptable IDs by country
A list of acceptable document types will be presented after the country is selected. If your ID type or country is not available for selection, please contact support for further assistance by raising a support request.

Based on this I suggest getting in touch with Envato Support. and see what alternatives you have. This is possibly a limitation by the ID verifier and they may process your ID manually (just a personal speculation, don’t take it as a fact) but in any case, getting in touch with support if you are unable to provide the requested information is a must. Author ID checks are mandatory and can have a negative impact on your account. Drop support a message, I’m certain they have this contingency covered as well! Cheers! :slight_smile:


Now, that would be great.

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Hi all! Thanks for the questions so far.

All Market Authors who’ve joined in the last 12 months, and all Elements Authors will have already completed an ID check. We’re now beginning to roll out this process to cover existing authors on ThemeForest.

If you have multiple accounts (e.g. one Exclusive, one Non-Exclusive) you will need to complete an ID check for each account individually, to ensure that every account is in a verified state.

Smartphones are fine as a webcam alternative, as long as the camera functionality is enabled. You’ll need to take a live image during the check, and can’t upload an existing image. Minor changes in appearance should also be fine - e.g. if your ID has different facial hair or hair colour/length.

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Hi @BenLeong,

What happens if authors do not (or can not) verify their account?

Thank you!

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hi @skygroup

From the Help Centre article:

What if I don’t complete an ID Check?

Unfortunately, if you do not wish to complete an ID check, or are not able to be successfully verified, you will not be able to continue earning as an Author on our platform. This is to ensure the safety and security of both authors and customers on Envato.

In the event that you do not complete the ID check, your portfolio will be disabled (ie. removed from sale). If you wish to complete it at a later time, please let us know and we will send you a new ID check. Once you have been successfully verified, your items will be made available for sale again.


Hi @unlockdesign,

Thank you for your answer!

We verified our account :slight_smile:


@unlockdesign is much quicker than I am :smiley:

One question I missed earlier:

If you do have an ID document available that uses latin characters, we strongly recommend using that.

If you don’t (such as in the example above), please complete your ID check with your best available ID document. Once we have your information, our support team will be able to help you out.


I have a Driving License, National ID and also a Passport, and guess what: I look different on all of them. I don’t want to be “picky” about this but I know what’s going to happen, so I hope I’m not expected to cut my hair and beard (on my Passport, I’m shaven, now I have 15 cm hair & beard.)

And, as you know, people change.

Just asking, if the “live” thing fails, will the support team be willing to help us?
(that’s a question) @BenLeong

I have been selling here for 12 years, I have all the documents & I can provide all those IDs, and I assure you, no one would like to be me :innocent:

Thanks very much.

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Take my verification process for example. My ID card photo is me clean shaven and bald, no beard, no moustache, no hair. The selfie for verification was with long hair and unshaved for close to 3 months. Had no issues whatsoever, everything went smoothly. Take FaceID on iOS for example, it has no issue with my face changing from beard to no beard, bald to longer hair. I wouldn’t stress much. Facial recognition takes multiple patterns into account, not just the hair. Do the verification, if you have issues with it, drop support a message! :blush: