All portfolio items are under soft reject - Author ID check

Hello Sir,

My whole portfolio was hide, i don’t understand why this has been happed.
Please help me out, why my whole items are under soft reject.

Username: ThemeTrades

Please help me, 3 weeks already has passed. It’s urgent.



Hi @ThemeTrades,

Have you completed the Author ID check?



I have successfully done the Author ID Check.

check: Screenshot by Lightshot

Please re-active my portfolio, it’s very important for us.



have you checked your item History. Is there any issue mentioned why those are soft disabled? if mentioned then you have to fix those issue(s).

Otherwise please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


Hi @ThemeTrades!

Re-enabling an account is a task that our support team performs during regular business hours - it looks like you completed your ID check over the weekend, and your account has been re-enabled on Monday.

For any other authors reading this, please reply to the Author Support support ticket that you receive when your portfolio is disabled. If you respond to that ticket once you complete your Author ID check, that will generally mean your account will be re-enabled faster.

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