I don't have id

I don’t understand what this means

Hi @ahmedFX,

You will find details about it here:


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But I don’t have id, I’m not 16 yet

You have to be 18 to be a member/buy items/sell items

You will need to use an account owned by a parent or guardian over 18 who will then become responsible for paying the tax etc on any sales that you make etc

What will happen if I didn’t verify my id?

Your account will be blocked and you will not receive any earnings.

When you created an account you accepted terms and conditions which said that you must be 18 or using the account belonging to someone of that age. This is a legal requirement. Envato Market Terms | ThemeForest point 9.

But why!!
Anyway I don’t want to receive the money now, can I verify the id when I want to receive my money??

For the age, this was my older brother’s account and i took it, is there a problem with this?

  1. It is in the terms and conditions of being a member so you need to abide by these at all times not only when you want to withdraw earnings or when it suits you. That would potentially be fraud.

  2. if your brother is over 18 then you are doing what is asked and there is no problem.

  3. For reference withdrawals are automated once earnings pass a certain amount and the account holder (your brother) will need to provide a tax id and will be liable to pay any tax against earnings

If I didn’t verify my id in the deadline and my account get blocked, is it possible to verify my id after it is blocked to get back my account again?

Potentially, but you will still have to address the minimum age and other requirements.

What about my portofolio itmes and my earnings, they will still on my account?

If the account is disabled then all items will be removed from the marketplace until the matter is resolved.

Once fixed then previous items and earnings would usually be returned.

It’s really important to take this very seriously and it is much much better not to find your account being disabled as there is not guarantee that it will be deactivated.


What do you mean with tax ID?
Isn’t the tax automatically taken from the earnings?

You said if my brother is older the 18 I can verify his id instead of me, so should I change the account name to his name?
They said that the id should have the same name of the account!

Also what is the tax forms that I provided, I didn’t provide any thing!

You need information about your brother and you brother have to upload his card id or it can be your mother or father but you can’t longer because you are 16 years old.

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I know but they say that the account should have the same name of the id, so should I change my account name??

Yes… The account name not the username

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How can I change it? I’m not able to change it in the settings

And should I change it to arabic?
Because It’s in arabic in the id

Name account for your brother, address, etc only your brother

but you no need change account your username “ahmedfx”

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