The author does not respond to Dispute on Youtube

I used some audio tracks, YouTube reported me for copyright infringement. In response, I uploaded licenses. However, the authors of the music have not responded to my disputes for more than two weeks. I have several of these authors. What should I do?
And another question, maybe there is a list of authors whose music should not be used because they do not respond to my disputes? In my case these authors are Awesome_Music
Niki N. Phaser

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In case those claimants don’t respond within 30 days, YouTube will automatically remove those claims. You can also contact authors through their profiles on AudioJungle and ask them to remove those claims.
To avoid copyright claims you can always check audio description as there shows if that track is registered for YouTube Content ID.


Please send me a message with the video link through my AudioJungle profile and I will be happy to help.


I’m sorry but this is bad advice. ContentID is the industry standard. All professional authors do register.

Using music that is marked as non-registered will not help avoid copyright claims, it’s quite the opposite as a matter of fact. Unregistered music is often targeted by fraudsters who do register it in their name and will issue non-clearable claims.

The best way is always the professional way, and that’s going with registered music.

Well, the story goes on. After two weeks of waiting, the author “Awesome_Music” rejected my license from Envato.

Now I’m being offered to appeal, and if he rejects it again, I’ll get a copyright strike. I’m not going to take that risk, of course.

My conclusions, which I would like to share with you:

  1. Do not use anything from the author Awesome_Music.
  2. Use music that is marked as unregistered.

Good luck in your creative endeavors.


@ Explainer_Pro

In your license states: “…for one Single Use for this Registered Project: Fashion Kittens”

I don’t know all the circumstances of your situation. This is just a guess, but it’s possible that the dispute was rejected due to the fact that the license was used more than once. Similar cases have already been described on the forum. For example, if your project “Fashion Kittens” has 2 series or more, then in accordance with the Envato Elements licensing terms, you need to register each project separately and obtain a separate license for each series, otherwise this is a violation of the license terms.

“Not only are you legally required to relicense an item for each individual project you use it in, but doing so means the contributor who created it will be paid accordingly for your usage.”

In any case, I hope you can solve this problem. To clarify the reason for the rejection, you should contact the author directly or the organization that manages the rights of this author on YouTube.

but it’s possible that the dispute was rejected due to the fact that the license was used more than once

No, this is the first time I’ve used this music.

Music that is marked as unregistered usually means that the author is unprofessional and the music will probably be targeted by fraudsters who will register it in their name. It’s never safe to use unregistered music!

The author did not reject anything themselve. A third-party agency did.

Now, if they did so, that either means that the license is not valid, or that you have used it on more than one video, or that you breached the terms of the license.

I just had a look at your channel, and you are clearly breaching the terms of the license. The music has to be a component of something bigger in scope, and not the main attraction itself. In your case, it’s quite obvious that the music is the product itself. That’s a big no no! Music from Envato cannot be used in that way. You may want to read the terms before calling out authors.

I disagree with you. I use music as a background for my slideshow. Plus the narrator’s voice is overlaid on top. I’m in no way representing the music as a product. I’m not violating the license in any way.

Come on now, the narrator says “welcome to the radio” “get ready to immerse yourself in a world of uplifting tunes” and presents himself as “DJ”… :thinking: hum, yes, the music clearly is the main attraction here.

I can make the sound design for my video however I want it. It’s not radio - and that’s obvious. The voiceover just creates a playful mood for watching the slideshow.

Don’t take the discussion of the problem - “The author does not respond to Dispute on Youtube” - into a rut of discussing the qualities of my video.

No, that’s not obvious at all.

I’m not changing the subject, I’m giving you an explanation as to why the third-party agency rejected your license. They likely deemed there was a blatant breach of the terms.

I also don’t like the fact that instead of help on this forum I get collective bullying

Once again, I did not violate the license rules. I’m using the music as a background to the slideshow.

That’s not fair, everyone has been helpful. I’m the only one who challenged your attack on the author. I’m not trying to bully you, just giving you a probable explanation as to what happened with the copyright claim.

I’m sorry that you have such an “outstanding” explanation for my kitten slideshow. I have hidden this video as I had planned earlier. It is a pity for my time and my colleagues’ time wasted on it. I have decided to use another service that provides music.

Thank you all for your “help”, have a nice day.

Hey @Explainer_Pro could you please share the video here? If the project is a slideshow it should be considered ok