Envato seems increasingly unreliable

Unfortunately, the service Envato is providing seems more unreliable. I am getting consistent copyright claims on YouTube videos with music tracks that are purchased from this service. I am wasting time resolving false and errant claims on music that should be white flagged in various content id systems. If this continues, the service will be of no future use as it does not deliver on its basic function of avoiding copyright claims.

Any one else having a similar issue??

I recommend checking out this response from @PurpleFog on a similar topic:

In short, receiving copyright claims is a normal part of the process, and using unregistered music is rarely a good idea (there are horror stories on these forums from those who have done so). I agree that the process itself is quite annoying, but YouTube is to blame for that one.

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I have operated my 300k subscriber YouTube channel for 9 years. I am extremely well acquainted with how the YouTube content ID system works. YouTube is not to blame when then author and content ID representative company have been notified and they are not responding to proper notification of the license. In short, when the author has been notified and does not mitigate the claim, it is solely on that author. Thus, a warning will be appearing soon on all of his tracks. Maybe that will spur some action on his part.

BTW since you are a moderator here do you have any idea why the phone number for Envato actually rings a place called [Tanjil Motor Inn] in Melbourne??

If the claim isn’t lifted despite uploading your license, and the author isn’t responding, then there’s definitely been a significant failure of the system, and you’re encouraged to notify Envato Elements Help and Support.

As for the phone number issue, I don’t really have any more insight into Envato than you do, but given that they are a Melbourne company, it sounds like the phone number you found is outdated and has been reallocated to someone else in the area. As far as I know, Envato does not publish any support phone numbers, and operates strictly over their ticket system.

That’s the phone number on Envato’s own website… Anyway, posting in the comment sections of the author’s offered tracks sure did light a fire under him. The issue has been resolved.

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