Envato can you make music for youtube better as it's awful for licence claims on music

Envato, even when I ask to exclude copyright music and upload I still get copyright issues and for example https://elitealliance.net is awful and does not release claims even after change the track to another and sending licence. If I am paying you for a service why can I not use the service?

The process with YouTube is is straightforward: you upload a video → YT tells you if an audio generated a claim → If so, you use your license to remove the claim.

There seems to be some confusion here:

All music on Envato is copyrighted. Maybe you mean “Content ID registered”.

If you exclude from search results all Content ID registered music and you still get a copyright claim, it’s possible that the author forgot to add this important info to the metadata. You should contact Envato support and let them know.

Why did you need to change the track with another one if you already had the license for the first one?
When you paste the license in the YT dispute box the claim should be removed by the Content ID company that manages that track.
If Elite Alliance refuses to remove the claim you should get in touch with the author of the track and ask for help.