Temporarily held for further review

Temporarily held for further review
Submitted 3 days ago

Envato staff, please respond.

@BenLeong @jamesgiroux

You have just to wait and to get a answer from theme review. I have also submitted my new item 3 days ago and still I am waiting - it was weekend + holidays are coming. Maybe we will need to wait a little bit longer.

many thanks for the reply.


No worry about that.
Helpful article for that.


this article is an explanation. i’m looking for a solution.
many thanks.

There’s no “solution” it’s just a case of patience at this stage. If there is a fixable problem then the reviewer would share that if it ends up being soft rejected

You have to wait until their feedback or item review message that is the solution.

@charlie4282 @unlockdesign

it’s not a submission, it’s a resubmission.
you don’t hold an item for a further review for 4 days because of the “preview image quality” issue.

Is that what they gave as a cause? It’s not mentioned in your original post.

yes, that’s correct.

If they reply to you preview image quality its a soft issue make it solve then resubmit again this one doesn’t match your topic Title

well, that’s the problem. it was solved and resubmitted 4 days ago.

They they didn’t give you reply yet ?


Then i can say that
You have to wait until their feedback or item review message that is the solution.

you or we can’t do anything for this situation. Still do you need any help you have to get in touch with Envato Author Support Team they would like to assist you with an official answer.

I think that will take your time only no solution cause it’s totally depended on reviewer team.
So wait for their reply.

many thanks for the feedback.

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although i still have the Submit Files for Review option under Edit item.
it is strange.
should i use it? again?

soft-rejected item always able to re-submit option active.
Anytime you can remove item from review queue then re-submit again there will be not problem.