my item is Temporarily held for further review for 11 days. is that normal?


I have a PSD item on ThemeForest took soft reject and I made changes to it then uploaded it again 11 days ago and till now I didn’t get any answer about it
when I check Currently processing uploads I found that it is temporarily held for further review.

Is it normal to take all that time??
What should I do if I have to do something?

Thanks in advance

It’s held for further review as your reviewer wants to get the opinion from another author, it can take a while depending if the other reviewer is on holiday etc. Hopefully won’t be much longer before you get a reply.

Thanks for replying :smile:

But according to this link here:
They mentioned that:
“Items that are held are usually resolved within a day or two, but occasionally an item may be held for a longer period (up to 7 days for a particularly complex issue).”

that’s made me worry because they say up to 7 days. and it’s now 11 days :smile:

As I said, the other author maybe on holiday, they generally have 1/2 authors per category, with some reviewers doing more than one category so when they are away their categories can get a bit of a queue, just be patient they will get to yours soon

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Thank you so much

So there’s no need to be worried :smile:

Thanks again

No, if you don’t hear something after 14 days, send a ticket to Envato support and see if there is a long delay expected

Okay I’l be patient and do like you said, I hope it’ll end before 14 days.
Anyways, thank you for your answers