long time on hold! (Temporarily held for further review)

i just wanted to know whats wrong with my item? (wordpress theme)
my item was Temporarily held for further review 3 days ago without any response!!

my first item was in held for just 3 hours so whats wrong with this item,

i’m also asking you for how much chances to be hard rejected or take a soft reject or approve?

Any body here?

Wordpress theme ? well, wait 25+ days like the others. :slight_smile:

Check the review times: http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

@DoughouzForest this is an item on hold not new item in the queue

Do you mean I have to wait another 25 day in the temporarily held?

Hurm, not sure about that, i thought new items on hold, try to open a support ticket.

What about the chances of getting approved or getting hard rejected?

Same experience here. It’s been 14 days since my theme’s been ‘Temporarily held for further review’ (after the 40+ days for the initial review and subsequent soft reject).

@bbioonThemes what happened with your theme? Did it eventually go through, get any more soft rejects, etc?

@mediastars i have got a soft reject wi 15 points :slight_smile:
after 7 days of held

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Dammit :slight_smile: fingers crossed

@mediastars Don’t worry,
Take it as a good sign.

Cheers for that!