Temporarily held for further review "soft rejected item"

I uploaded an HTML theme and got soft-reject… when I upload again ThemeForest give me a message "Temporarily held for further review " they said it take maximum 7 days but already 9 days gone…can anyone please tell me the problem?

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I think that you can send a ticket support envato, regards.

They usually need second opinion for some details. Just be patient and wait a bit more. You don’t have to send a ticket to support, by the time they actually reply, you will get a reply from the reviewer team

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Sorry, it’s my opinion, patient more days :slight_smile:

Hi, Don’t worry and be patient. You will get your item review soon. May be your item reviewed by another member of staff, to get further information, or to resolve a bug. Please check this article:

Good Luck!

i already read this … but they said maximum 7 days required …but already 15 days gone…

Iam already at 7 days of “held for further review” for my HTML template. What you are saying is a bit scary :scream: