The WordPress theme is being held for exactly 27 days. Not approved!

Why is my theme 17 days not approved?

Is it a joke?

You waited 10 days before.

Just because it is not a demo link.

I feel sorry for your company.

There were times that it was taking more than 50 days for review. Considering that it’s OK.
But “being held” means they have already reviewed the theme but they need second opinions. Just be patient a bit more

The theme I sent is rejected after this message and will not be able to send again. Here is the incoming message;

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “NewzX - Modern Personal Wordpress Blog Theme” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I think you are rejected just because of the message I sent here. Because the theme sold in themeforest is much better quality and nice.

This is unfair. Thank you anyway.

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Please add your link demo because maybe we can help you check your template if some wrong, regards. demo.

Themeforest, hosting very bad theme, found my theme below standards.

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Your problems typography, messy designs, etc your need practice more for approved themeforest, regards. :slight_smile:

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Dear @kreyex,

I think you need to research the market seriously. Take your time and check other items.

What i saw in your theme:

  1. Bad Typography (wrong font choice , specially the title and paragraph’s font could be different)
  2. Look at footer, left side has more space than right side? isnt it?
  3. You wrote “Standart” . This issue also counts. Its a layout style name so it should be correct.
    many but i dont have enough time…

The main point of hard-reject is NO CONSISTENCY in design, AND very BAD DEMO presentation.

You can check my personal theme’s demos.

Good luck for next try.

Many Thanks!

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1- It was made for the first version of the template, we will improve it later.
2- If I correct the problems you have, is there a chance that the theme can be accepted?

Thank you JeriTeam.

Thank you very much, I will definitely consider your suggestions. But I do not think my theme will be accepted again.