Held for further review

My HTML template resubmission is stuck in this state since 11 days whereas Envato states a maximum of 7 days. What is going on ?

The review time from Review Turnaround page is not always is realtime. Is more like a number…

Now, your item is held for further review because it needs a second opinion from a 2nd reviewer in case the first one is not sure if to approve the item or not.

Don’t panic, you will get the reply very soon :slight_smile: (it usually stays 1-3 days in this state)

Thank you for your reply @ThemeSLR, in my message I said that it has been 9 days that my item has the “held for further review” status.

EDIT: now it’s 12 days total (2 days for the standard resubmission delay, and 10 days stuck in the “temporarily held for further review”). Isn’t there an issue ?

Received an approbation, everything good !