Site Templates (Admin Templates) Submission Review Time

Hi there,

We uploaded the template 11 days ago (Admin Templates Category) and our submission is still “Temporarily held for further review”. How much long this queue currently proceeds? I wrote to support few days ago and still no luck.

Sincerely, Mediatec Software Team


“Temporarily held for further review”: This mean your Item is now reviewing by Another Team. In some cases, it can be held for a second opinion from a second reviewer. Hope You will get the review result email soon.

You can check here:


Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, but it’s been more than seven days after last resubmission. We’re worried about :slight_smile:

Sincerely, Mediatec Softwate Team

Hi Mate, Please keep patience hope they will finish review your item and will emial the review result as quickly they can. Thanks

Delete your item. Improve more design quality. Clear spacing alignment issues, w3 validation issues, typography hierarchy, response issues,proper event binding. After resubmit. Html templates taking maximum review time 1 day only.