Template submission rejected within 5 minutes, where did I go wrong?


Just uploaded my first template for review and got an email back within a few minutes saying “It isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”, I would appreciate some insights!

Did you submit all the necessary parts like documentation etc.

Yes, I did everything by the book.

Odd - the design does not look too bad (for that style), and not like it would be rejected in minutes unless there was a glaring issue

Im not sure how it looks on desktop, but on mobile it looks broken. Try your template on your mobile device, columns are too small, some text is too large, back to top button is barely visible, its overflowing the viewport, a lot of alignment issues and so on.

Not the best constructive criticism, but take a look on your mobile and you’ll see it for yourself.

No, I appreciate the feedback Andro but I would be interested to know which device you used because on my Windows Nokia Lumia I don’t see those issues.


Google’s Mobile-Friendly test reports that the page is mobile friendly and that would normally highlight any issues!

Im using a samsung s7, here are some screenshots i took.

Also it would really help a lot if you take a look at recent similar products in this category so that you have a better understanding of the requirements.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

The design looks extremely outdated.