Html template is hard rejected. Please give me your 5 minutes to build my career.

I’ve submitted a html Template 7 days ago. It is hard rejected. But I don’t know what is the main causes for it. I request you to please review my template and give me your valuable feedback to increase template quality. It will be very very helpful for me.
My template is here
Thanks in advance.

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With respect the design is very outdated

Typography throughout needs rethinking

Mobile performance needs a lot of work

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Can you please suggest me any doc or tutorial to get clear idea about “Typography” and what did you mean about “Mobile Performance” ? is it responsive or loading speed time?

Honestly there are a million tutorials on typography if you look on Youtube or Tuts+

In terms of mobile - everything gets smaller and mostly moves about correctly but you should be looking to optimise content, readability etc. just making it visible and smaller is not the same thing